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The University of Sheffield, a famous University in England, is located in The city of Sheffield, central England, with a history dating back to 1828.
The university of Sheffield is one of the most influential research universities in the UK.
After more than 100 years of development, the university of Sheffield has produced a number of Nobel Prize winners and has a high reputation in teaching and research.
As one of Britain's most famous "red brick university", the university of Sheffield is many famous university established in one hundred in Britain is one of the most internationally prestigious world-class university, and university for the first-class research university in the UK's top league Russell group, the world university union members, members of the association of European universities (EUA), white roses university union members and the N8 university union members.
Professional courses
Undergraduate course
Accounting and financial management, aviation engineering, archaeology and archaeological science, architecture, automatic control and systems engineering, bible study, biochemistry, biological engineering, biology, biomedical research, architecture, chemical engineering, environmental chemistry, department of civil and structural engineering, computer science, dental health and dental care, dental, east Asian studies, ecology, economics, electronic and electrical engineering, engineering, English language and linguistics, English literature, environmental science and information technology management (computer business courses), environmental science, French, genetics, geography, German, Spanish, history and human communication
Science, information management, news research, landscape architecture, law, management, materials science and engineering, mathematics and statistics, mechanical engineering, pharmacy, microbiology, molecular biology, modern linguistics, music, visual axis orthodontics, philosophy, physics and astronomy, plant science, political science, psychology, Russia and Slavic studies, social studies, software engineering, science, urban and regional planning, zoology and animal behavior.
A master's degree
Animal and plant sciences, archaeology, architecture, automatic control and systems engineering, bible studies, biomedical science, chemical and process engineering, chemistry, department of civil and structural engineering, computer science, clinical dental institute, institute of east Asian studies, institute of economics, education, electronics and electrical engineering, engineering materials, English language and linguistics, English, French literature, geography, German study, health and related research institute, Spain, the human communication science, information research, news, landscape science, law, school of management, college of mathematics and statistics, mechanical engineering, medical physics and clinical engineering, medicine, now
Generation languages and linguistics, molecular biology and biotechnology, music, graduate school of nursing and obstetrics, philosophy, physics and astronomy, political science, psychology, Russian and Slavic studies, town and regional planning.
Most popular courses,
Electrical engineering, electronic engineering, physics and astronomy, the environment, computer, civil engineering, electronics and electrical engineering, automatic control and systems engineering, mechanical and aerospace and manufacturing engineering, metallurgy and material science, construction environment, urban and rural planning, library and information management, communications and media studies, education and culture.