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The University of Glasgow (hereinafter referred to as the University of Glasgow), founded in 1451, is located in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. It is one of the top 100 universities in the world, one of the top ten universities in the world, and the fourth oldest University in the english-speaking world.
The university is also a founding member of the UK's Russell group of universities and Universitas 21.
The university of Glasgow has four schools (the first nine schools have been reduced to four schools: the faculty of arts, the faculty of medicine, the faculty of engineering (aerospace, civil engineering, electronics and electrical appliances, machinery and shipbuilding), the faculty of social sciences (faculty of law, business and society)), 168 subjects, and 98 academic research centres.
The university of Glasgow offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, with PhD programmes in each department.
It covers management, finance, art, biochemistry, education, psychology, engineering, law, medicine, physics, social sciences, veterinary medicine, etc.
The university of Glasgow has a number of British initiatives, establishing the UK's first department of civil engineering and shipbuilding, others such as aviation engineering, maritime engineering, computer software engineering are first-class.
Its medical school is the first in a UK university to shift its focus from clinical training to patient care.
In addition to engineering and medicine, accounting, finance and management studies are the university's outstanding academic strengths, attracting students from all over the world.
Teaching and research at the university of Glasgow covers many areas of today's science, including psychology, biology, medicine, business, economics, management, law, literature, archaeology, art, physics, engineering (aerospace engineering, Marine engineering, electronic engineering), and so on.
The school's major programs are accounting and finance, law, politics, chemistry, computer studies, geography, geology, physics, philosophy, sociology, cell and molecular biology, organic biology, English, French studies, dentistry, medicine, veterinary medicine, European languages, psychology, social policy, etc.