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The University of Liverpool (li University for short), founded in 1881, is a world-class comprehensive research public University located in Liverpool, one of the five core cities in Britain.
The university of Liverpool is a member of the Russell group of universities, the N8 university association, the uk-japan RENKEI and the jiangsu-uk high level university association. It has a branch in Singapore and a joint venture with xjtlu in China.
Liverpool is one of the UK's research universities, attracting foreign students to study for their degrees.
At the university of Liverpool has more than 27000 students, more than 400 projects, covering 54 subject areas, and many other fields a wide range of teaching and research, including art humanities (archaeology, English, history, language, culture, music, philosophy), engineering (electrical engineering), the social environment research (architecture, urban design, geography, law, management, politics and sociology), science (biology science, chemistry, computer science, physics, psychology, etc.), legal, and top medical, biomedical research, dental medicine, cancer research, clinical, etc.), etc.
In addition, the university of Liverpool offers MBA programmes in a variety of areas, including human resources, private enterprise, finance and music management.
Liverpool university bachelor, master and doctoral degree courses, its advantage majors including veterinary medicine, architecture, urban and rural planning, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, mathematics, physiology, biology, earth and the physical sciences, psychology, geography, civil engineering, pharmacology and pharmacy, anatomy and cell biology, the humanities, such as music, modern language, the English language and literature and history, law, etc.
In addition, Liverpool also has many specialties that are popular with overseas students, such as football industry management, music industry management, e-commerce and supply chain.
The university of Liverpool is also the first university to offer Marine geography, urban planning, architecture, veterinary and other specialties. It also has the most comprehensive medical profession in the UK.