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Business Analytics Ranking of American universities
1. Business Analysis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; 2. Business Analysis, University of California, Los Angeles; 3. Business Analysis, Columbia University; 4. University of Texas at Austin, Business Analysis; 5. University of Southern California, Business Analysis; 6. Business Analysis, Georgia Institute of Technology; 7. Duke University, Business Analysis; 8. Department of Analytics, Northwestern University;How To get University degree certificate, To buy fake diploma and transcript online, It’s safe and cheap
Business Analysis (BA for short), founded in 2013, is a major based on business knowledge, mathematics, statistics and programming knowledge and techniques, and based on data analysis to create maximum value by making optimal decisions. Emerging in the era of big data, this major is a comprehensive discipline integrating business, computer and statistics. In the current job market, the demand for business analysis is very high.
Depending on the school setting, business analysis is mostly set in business schools, such as Columbia University, Duke University, University of Southern California, and so on; Some are in engineering schools, such as Northwestern University and Georgia Tech; Some are located in information schools, such as CMUs; Those in engineering and information schools require a relatively high level of background in mathematics and computer science.
There are no strict requirements for applicants' background in business analysis. Students in liberal arts, science, engineering, and business can apply. However, most schools require an advanced course. Such as programming language (Python/Java/C++, etc.), mathematics basics (Calculus/LinearAlgebra, etc.), Business courses (Business Management/Economics, etc.), etc. Most schools accept some courses from online delivery platforms such as Coursera.
Business analysis after graduation, the starting salary is relatively high, the average annual salary is more than 80 thousand dollars; The employment direction is also very wide, as long as it involves data processing, no matter medical industry, education industry, consulting, science and technology, etc., can be selected.