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Analysis of Business Analysis graduate program of Columbia University
I. Project introduction
Columbia University's Master Business Analytics (Businsess Analytics) program, run jointly by the School of Engineering and the Business School, is in its first year of operation in 2018. The three-semester program is aimed at students who want to focus on learning modeling techniques and data science to help businesses use data to make better decisions. The program includes a featured hands-on project that allows students to engage in in-depth consulting and interaction with clients on real business issues using real data sets throughout the three semesters. Columbia's BA program is a 36-credit STEM program. In addition to the IEOR Department and the Business School, students can also choose courses of interest from the School of Engineering, the School of International and Public Affairs, the School of Law, or the Department of Economics, Mathematics and Statistics.

Ii. Admission situation
Columbia's MSBA program is a mid-sized program with 143 students in the class of 2019. Before launching MSBA, Columbia University's IROR department already had four very mature programs, financial engineering, Operations research, management Science and Engineering, industrial engineering, especially financial engineering is Columbia's flagship program. With business analytics on the rise, the IEOR Department has teamed up with the Business school to launch the MSBA program. All students in the IEOR department of Columbia University share Career Service resources, so the career service provided by the university is not as sharp as some old programs, such as USC MSBA, UCD MSBA, etc. This is a common problem with Columbia programs. But after all, it is Columbia University with high ranking, good location and good project setting, so the difficulty of competition was very high from the first session. According to the feedback from the students admitted in 2018, almost all the students admitted in the first year are 3.8+GPA, and the card hardware is quite serious.

The Columbia MSBA program lasts for three semesters. Students can enter the program in September at the earliest and finish their studies in August of the following year. Students can also choose to spend the summer internship and graduate in the fall of the following year. The program requires 12 courses with 3 credits per course. Let's take the 2020 program as an example and list the courses of the program:

  • Financial Analytics & Financial Technology(FinTech)金融分析&金融科技

  • Marketing Analytics 市场分析

  • Healthcare Analytics 医疗分析

  • Analytics Algorithms & Methodology 分析算法&方法论