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Ranking of American universities in Economics and Economics
1. Economics, Harvard University;
2. Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology;
3. Princeton University, Economics;
4. Stanford University, Economics;
5. University of California, Berkeley, Economics;
6. Yale University, Economics;
7. Northwestern University, Economics;
8. University of Chicago, Economics;
9. Columbia University, Economics;
10. University of Pennsylvania Economics.
Economics is a social science concerned with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. There are many branches of economics, and different schools have different directions. The common directions are: macroeconomics, microeconomics, econometrics, labor economics, development economics, international economics, etc. By nature, there are more theoretical and more applied items. The theoretical program lasts for about 2 years and requires the completion of a thesis before graduation. Most students will choose to study for a doctorate after graduation. The duration of the program is about 1.5 years, and the thesis is optional. The courses are optional for career development.
In the United States, economics tends to be taught in liberal arts colleges, under the umbrella of social sciences, and in a few business schools. Students with a preference for science majors are also eligible if they are business students who have taken mathematics and science courses. Some schools also require advanced courses in macroeconomics, linear algebra, probability theory, econometrics, statistics, and so on.How to buy University of California, Berkeley diploma in legal practice , purchase the diploma of art and design of University of California, Berkeley , online purchase postgraduate diploma University of California, Berkeley , when to issue the diploma of information technology major of University of California, Berkeley , associate degree of business and other fields, bachelor's degree and master's degree. University of California, Berkeley undergraduate degree certificate, University of California, Berkeley official transcripts.

Economics is the knowledge foundation of the mainstream business field, and the essence of the law of business operation is the law of economics, so it is the foundation of the whole industry and can be applied to all walks of life. Graduates are employed in finance, government, schools, etc., and some students choose to pursue doctoral studies and engage in scientific research.