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Ranking of Marketing and Marketing programs in American Universities
1. Marketing, Columbia University;
2. Integrated marketing of Northwestern University;
3. Marketing, University of Southern California;
4. Marketing, University of Texas at Austin;
5. Master of Marketing, Johns Hopkins University;
6. Master of Marketing, Vanderbilt University;
Marketing refers to the social and management process in which individuals or groups meet demands by creating and exchanging products and values, while American marketing majors focus on the study of methods, analysis and prediction of market conditions, so as to develop better plans and activities. In marketing, there are well-known 4P models, namely Product, Price, Place and Promotion.Buy fake University of Southern California degree certificate, University of Southern California fake degree, fake postgraduate diploma, the best diploma and transcript for you, the high quality and cheaper certificate for you.

About 30 of the top 100 schools in the United States offer master's programs in marketing, and marketing programs also have several major branches: Integrated Marketing Communication, Marketing Management, most of which are offered under business schools, such as Columbia University, some of which are offered under journalism and communication schools, Northwestern, for example. There is no special requirement for applicants' background. Statistical and quantitative background is preferred. It is recommended that applicants' undergraduate studies support marketing functions such as statistics, media, communications, etc.
The employment situation of marketing is also very good, there are many positions to choose, such as strategic brand management, program planning, data analysis and so on, not only "sales" as understood by the public; And if you are a graduate of a prestigious business school, you have more chances to join a Fortune 500 company than any other major.