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Data Science specialty rankings
1. Master of Science in Data Science, Harvard University;
2. Master of Science in Data Science, Stanford University;
3. Master/PhD in Computational Science and Engineering, MIT;
4. Master/PhD in Statistics and Data Science, Yale University;
5. Master of Science in Computational Data Science, Carnegie Mellon University;
6. Master of Science in Data Science, University of Pennsylvania;
7. Master/PhD in Data Science, Columbia University;
8. Master of Science in Data Science, Brown University;
9. Master of Science in Data Science, University of California, Los Angeles;
10. Master of Science in Data Science, New York University.
Data Science Data Science, referred to as DS, is an interdisciplinary subject that uses data to learn knowledge. It combines theories and technologies from mathematics, statistics, computer and other fields, and conducts research and research in biology, social sciences, anthropology and other fields by using various relevant data, aiming to "understand and analyze" actual phenomena by using data.
Most of the data science programs are offered in the School of Engineering, but some programs are offered in the School of Computer Science and the College of Arts and Sciences (mathematics or statistics), and the duration ranges from 1 to 2 years. Students with a background in mathematics and applied mathematics, statistics, computer science, engineering and related majors are the largest groups of students applying for data science majors, which are the majors that schools tend to accept. If you want to major in data science in a non-quantitative field, you need to take advanced placement courses in math, statistics, and computer science. If you meet the requirements of the university, you can apply.
Since data science is an emerging and popular subject, not every American university offers this major. Relatively well-known schools offering data science include Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Southern California, New York University, etc.
The employment industry of data science is very extensive. Most of the industries related to data, such as medical care, finance, Internet, fast consumer goods and other industries, commonly include: data analyst, data scientist, data engineer, business analyst, data product manager, etc.