Diploma News

Degrees and majors from Johns Hopkins University
Kerry School of Business
Carey Business School is accredited by the Association of Advanced Business Schools (AACSB) and is a graduate school. The school offers 12 full-time master's programs, including Master of Finance, Master of Health Care Administration, Master of Marketing, Master of Real Estate and Infrastructure, and Master of Business Administration. In addition, the college also offers a number of part-time, online and non-degree courses to meet the diverse needs of a large number of students. The school pairs students with business mentors to give students a better grasp of more business practices.
School of education
The School of Education offers master's, doctoral and online programs and is a graduate school. It is a learning community for educators around the world, providing students with the latest educational ideas and insights. The School studies the interrelationships between education and the individual, social, and neurological, sharing these findings with more prospective or present educators. The College is committed to helping students develop professional reflection and understanding of mental health and cultural acceptance.
Krieger College of Arts and Sciences
The Krieger School of Arts & Sciences has 33 research centers in 22 departments and offers courses in the arts, humanities, natural and social sciences and related specialties. The school offers undergraduate, master's and doctoral programs, with more than 60 undergraduate programs and 40 graduate programs. The School is committed to discovering and creating new knowledge, proposing new solutions to new social problems, and improving the world.