Diploma News

University of Iowa degrees and majors
School of Engineering
The College of Engineering is composed of outstanding faculty, staff and students. The School is committed to developing and enhancing students' knowledge and reserves to meet the challenges of advanced technology, health sciences, sustainability, energy and the environment. The center of the innovation and development, as a engineering college of engineering people is undoubtedly improve Iowa community and people's quality of life in the United States and around the world. The college recently completed a $37 million, 65,000-square-foot Mariners Center for Engineering Arts and Sciences. Its content includes collaborative learning Spaces, learning and discovery of fluid mechanics, sustainability, teaching and research advances in computer-aided design and simulation, and advancing engineering and the arts.
School of pharmacy
The College of Pharmacy specializes in developing the next generation of leaders in the practice of pharmacy and pharmacy. The School of Pharmacy is committed to developing a student-centered culture of caring, compassion, and collaboration. Through discovery, development, creativity and knowledge dissemination, students advance in the practice of pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical science and service delivery. The School of Pharmacy has trained successive pharmacy leaders to address the medication and health needs of citizens in Iowa and beyond. The school strives to help each student discover his or her outstanding strengths and realize his or her potential. In terms of innovation, the school has a clear and unique philosophy.
Tippi School of Business
Business school's leather (Tippie College of Business), there are more than 3000 students, courses include degree to Dr. The school has six academic departments such as accounting, business analysis, economics, finance, marketing, management and entrepreneurship. There are eight center at the same time, college and institute, and the two students management of donated funds. Tippi has 50,000 alumni and expertise in a variety of fields. The school's model of education and leadership is forward-looking and pioneering. Moreover, the Academy's advisory board is the eyes and ears of the industry. Tippi is regularly ranked among the top business schools, offering the best technology to support the research and teaching missions of professors and students.