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University of Wisconsin-Madison degrees and programs
Business school
The School of Business, founded in 1900, is a vibrant place where students often interact with the local community. Students in the MBA program actively share their knowledge and experience in the business school with local students or younger students. Business school students shine in all sorts of other places. The Knowledge Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business helps students. The Arthur Andersen Center for Financial Reporting and Control helps students understand the ever-changing complexities of the business environment. The Erdman Center for Operations and Technology Management prepares students for 21st century responsibility management and gives them the skills they need in this diverse and competitive environment. There is also a Pritchell Banking Education Center that helps students learn about business and investment banking. As many as ten knowledge centers offer different kinds of professional help to students of various majors.
School of education
The curriculum at the School of Education is different from other colleges. The school's curriculum, by contrast, is not a single educational curriculum, but a combination of education, arts and health. The school believes that this approach can help students open their minds and make more connections with students from other majors when conducting interdisciplinary research. This way of combining multiple fields of joint research reflects the connection between people and the charm of mutual help for common progress.
School of Engineering
The School of Engineering has always focused on cutting-edge research, based on innovative teaching and services, to educate and inspire students with the passion to discover new knowledge and the creativity to provide solutions to the problems of the present and future world. The School of Engineering also believes that today's social trend requires not only people with a single domain of knowledge, but also people with different backgrounds and expertise to develop and perfect solutions to different problems. A good example is the Grainger Factory Research Institute, where engineering and health disciplines work together to improve the usability and effectiveness of human health applications.