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Temple University degrees and majors
Temple University has six campuses, including one in Harrisburg, the state capital, and five throughout Philadelphia, as well as two overseas campuses in Rome and Tokyo. Temple University consists of 17 schools. Its popular undergraduate courses include accounting, actuarial science, African Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, architecture, art history, art teacher education, Asian civilization studies, biochemistry, biology, etc. Popular postgraduate courses are Accounting and finance, Adult and continuing Education teaching, Advanced dentistry and Stomatology, Applied Mathematics and Related, Arts, Multilingual Education, Clinical Experimental Science/Medical Technology, Clinical Psychology, Communication Disorder Science and Services, etc.
Temple University graduates statistics
The statistics of graduate distribution include the number of graduates in all categories and subordinate majors of the school. Select all graduates, or undergraduate, master, doctor can check the number of graduates of the corresponding degree.
Click on the major category to further view the number of graduates of specific subdivided majors. For example, engineering includes chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and other majors; Natural science includes physics, chemistry, geology and other majors; Sociology includes anthropology, economics, government and other majors
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