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The teaching and scientific research of York University is well known both at home and abroad. It is one of the most famous universities in the UK, and the teaching quality ranks among the top ten in the rankings. The main campus is on a 200 acre lake on the outskirts of York, where most colleges, dormitories, offices, scenery and free transportation are on campus. About 9500 students study here, 6100 of whom are full-time students. York University is committed to providing students with an excellent academic environment, social environment and natural environment. A new research library of humanities will greatly enrich the academic research resources of the humanities in York University. The Institute and special courses centre offer a variety of special courses.

Schools and Departments
York University is nominally established in eight colleges, providing student accommodation and academic institutions. However, the school is more like a residential hall, and in fact it is not particularly strong for the college tradition. According to the date of establishment, the existing college of York University is as follows:
Derwent, named after the de Wen River in Yorkshire
• Langwith, named after a local village in York called Langwith
• Alcuin, in memory of the famous scholar of York, Charleyman, Alcuin
• Vanbrugh, in memory of the famous architect John Vanbrugh
• Goodricke, Holland astronomer John Goodricke, who lives in York
Wentworth, the only graduate school, was named after the civil war politician Thomas Wentworth
• James, in honor of the University's first vice president, Lord James of Rusholme
• Halifax, the Institute established in the 2001/2002 academic year, named after the first Earl of Halifax
In addition to the Halifax College on the edge of the Heslington and the Goodricke College that have moved to the Heslington East campus, other colleges are located in the main campus. In addition, the new Langwith Institute is also being built at the Heslington East campus. A part of the Eden's Court accommodation area although the membership of Derwent college, but accommodation students use the facilities in Halifax. There are also several off campus dormitories: Holgate's, Hall, Catherine, House, and The Stables, which are more well known.