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Sussex University and University of Sussex, located near the town of Brighton, southern England, from Brighton City 6.4 kilometers. It was one of the first schools founded in 1960s by Britain's new university wave. Chartered in 1961, the University was granted a charter. In October of the same year, the university enrolled the first batch of students. Since its founding, the University of Sussex has been renowned for its analysis of postwar society, as well as the innovative methods of teaching and research in various disciplines. From today, Sussex University has 3 Nobel prize winners. In the latest 2012 times British university rankings, University of Sussex rose to fourteenth place, becoming one of the top universities in the uk.

Schools and Departments
University of Sussex's teaching is multidisciplinary, with 10 undergraduate colleges, graduate teaching and research at research centres, and research centres providing excellent academic and social environments for faculty and graduate students. Research Center of Biological Sciences, chemistry, physics, environmental science, computer science, knowledge and comparative cultural studies, development and environment, culture and communication, the development of research, education, engineering, humanities, mathematics, science, social policy research, scientific research etc.. And the University of Sussex European Institute, Trafford graduate medical education and research center. Courses are offered in the following areas: computer, education, engineering and information technology, humanities, science, and social sciences.
Distinguished courses: American studies, anthropology, English, French, linguistics, mathematics, statistics and computational studies, music, organic biology, sociology.
The school has an overseas study program, and one out of every 7 undergraduate students has the opportunity to study in Europe or North America for a year. Schools also receive about 600 cultural exchanges and visits to students each year. About 1/4 of the students in the whole school are overseas students from more than 100 countries.

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