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University of Utah (Salt Lake City) finance
        Why do you choose this school
Salt Lake City is one of the most safe and friendly city in the United States, the headquarters of Mormon, less crime, only a bar, suitable for quiet reading, will like Salt Lake City humanistic environment, regional center and the financial sector, financial enterprise is very much, and Goldman's second headquarters in the United States, the largest number of operations center.buy postgraduate degree from University of Utah, buy University of Utah undergraduate fake diploma
        Introduction of professional
Looking for financial work MSF master of Finance is still possible, not so difficult in big cities, but after all, it is a versatile major, want to high salary is certainly not as good as computer major, science and engineering H1B application time is long, the future take green card probability. If you have a passion for financial market, you can learn this. In fact, if you want to make money, you should study Computer Science, which is the truth in the United States.