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College characteristics
1, a wide range of courses: the school consists of the humanities, social sciences, science and technology and medicine, 3, 28: undergraduate and master's and doctoral courses including management, finance, actuarial science, biology, music, drama, language, medicine, law, society, psychology, etc..
2, first-class facilities: the school's Computer Services Division provides a large number of computer facilities, and only more than 600 computers available for use on the Canterbury campus. All students have their own e-mail and can log on to the internet. The library of Pullman has collections of books, periodicals, tapes, videotapes, slides and micro prints in excess of about 1000000. The Internet also stores a series of networked electronic information. In addition, part of the sports facilities in the sports center in Canterbury are second to none in china. Other amenities such as restaurants, shops, banks, cash machines, laundries and bus stops are also available.
3, improve the overseas student service: student learning consulting services on writing short papers, notes, time management, exams, writing thesis and other learning skills, provide training and information to students. The English teaching and research group provides continuity of help and guidance to native speakers of non English speaking students. The medical center provides students with a variety of outpatient and counselling services. The medical center also has a 24 hour, 24-hour open patient care area. The student association's Advisory Centre provides assistance and advice on student needs. The student development department and the work center help students find gainful or voluntary work.
4. Scholarships specifically for overseas students: a scholarship of 2000 is set up for overseas students, and students applying for the letter of acceptance may apply.
In 5 and 2005 National Student Survey, the school was rated as the best school in the southeast by full-time students and ranked 26 in 128 universities across the uk. Biology, art, design, electronics and Kent medical school have all been rated as excellent. Business, economics and creative art are also in the top 5. MBA of Kent Business School is a member of AMBA.
Schools and Departments
University of Kent has three faculties, namely Department of humanities, engineering and medical research department and the Department of social sciences. A total of 18 academic units. Each department has established a variety of flexible honors degree courses, awarded Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of business administration, Bachelor of laws, Bachelor of science and Bachelor of Engineering degree.