How Does This Work?
 To make fake diplomas and fake transcripts, we replicate actual school designs with your name, the name of the school, graduation date, degree and major and other details.
Request A Free Sample. Click the link and tell us what school you're interested in. We'll research our database and show you either our "Actual Match" design (from our database) or suggest a "House Design" if we don't know what the original design looks like.
We'll also tell you the price and provide a link to the proper order form.
Place An Order. If you like our design and suggestions, place an order by following the directions on sample email. We take credit cards during checkout or you can select "Telephone Arrangements" to place an order without making immediate payment -- you can call and give us payment over the telephone or arrange Money Order payment.
When finished placing your order, you'll see a popup window showing your order number. If you do not see that window, please check the top of the order form screen for possible error messages showing what needs to be filled out before your order can be accepted.
Design, Printing and Packaging. It normally only takes us a few business days to design, print, apply emblems, seals and stamps and package for secure, discreet delivery.
During checkout you'll have a chance to select the shipping option based on how quickly you need the document or your budget restrictions. We ship worldwide wherever UPS delivers. After we're done with the printing and packaging we'll ship your product and email you the UPS tracking number so that you can log onto the UPS site and see it's delivery schedule.