Pennsylvania State University
The Pennsylvania State University, founded in 1855, is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania?s sole land-grant institution and its largest public university. Its mission embraces teaching, research, and public service in order to support the citizens of the Commonwealth, collaborating with industrial, educational, and agricultural partners to create, disseminate, integrate, and apply knowledge that is valuable to society. For an international student, who wants a university that offers high-quality academics, as well as the support services, Pennsylvania State is the right choice. Each year, it sees an increase in the number of applications from international applicants and enrolls thousands of international students from various countries.

The university offers a top-tier education with access to expert faculty and unique academic experiences. Penn State University Park offers the full four years of more than 275 baccalaureate degree programs. The first two years of nearly all of its baccalaureate programs can be started at a Commonwealth Campus and completed at University Park. It is the most common path to a Penn State degree. All of the majors are divided among academic colleges, which are the units from which students receive their degrees. There are 12 academic colleges at the University Park campus and 1041 Clubs and Organizations are available for the Penn state Students.

University Park is the largest campus in the Penn State system. It is home to a diverse population of about 46,000 undergraduate students. Penn State University Park is located in the small city of State College, a quintessential college town with its small eateries and quirky shops that line the street marking the border between downtown and campus. Nestled near the base of Mount Nittany, the surrounding area of central Pennsylvania is known as Happy Valley.