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         Iowa state university undergraduate through the school's official website online or paper applications, only one application RD.Colleges use a test called the Regent Admission Index, which is a composite score for the ACT offered by applicants (for example, by providing the SAT, which is converted into an ACT score), a high school GPA, a high school class ranking, and a core component of the Admission Index for courses completed in high school.Applicants who have an index of more than 245 and have completed the minimum requirements for a high school course are automatically accepted;Applicants whose scores are below 245 and who have completed the minimum requirements for a high school course may be admitted, depending on their circumstances.The calculation method is as follows: RAI = (2 x ACT composite score) + (1 x High school rank) + (20 x High school grade point average) + (5 x number of High school courses completed in the core subject areas).Where to buy the diploma of film major of Iowa state university, purchase the diploma of art and design of Iowa state university, online purchase the diploma of animation and game major of Iowa state university, when to issue the diploma of information technology major of Iowa state university, associate degree of business and other fields, bachelor's degree and master's degree.Iowa state university  undergraduate degree certificate, purchase Iowa state university official transcripts.

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         Arts: advertising;Anthropology;Decoration design and production;Art and design;French;German;Graphic design;Health and human;History;Russian studies;Sociology;Spanish;Language communication;Women's studies;Children, adults and family services;Public works;Community and district plans;Media studies;Early childhood education;Design;Primary school education;English;Gardening;Internal design;International studies;Journalism and the mass media;Arts and technology;Literature and art studies;Linguistics;musicScience: accounting;Aerospace engineering;Agricultural biochemistry;Agricultural engineering;Agricultural research;Agricultural systems technology;Agriculture;Animal ecology;Animal science;Applied physics;Building construction;Biology;Bioengineering;Biochemistry;Financial;Statistics;Food science;Forestry;Genetics;Geology;Seed science;Zoology;Biophysics;Botany;Chemical engineering;Computer engineering;Computer science;Construction works;Dairy research;Nutrition;Earth sciences;Electric power engineering;Entomology;Environmental scienceBusiness and management: economy;Management of hotels, restaurants, and public relations agencies;Logistics and supply chain management;Management;Information management system;Marketing;International business;Operations and supply chain management;Hazardous materials management